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Working more sustainably and efficiently

In addition to innovating our feeders every day, we also continuously try to improve our production process in efficiency and sustainability.

New Riedex extraction unit

Since the beginning of March 2024, we have therefore commissioned a new Riedex DM 350 RV extraction unit at our plastics department. This extraction unit has several advantages over our old extraction unit:

  • We no longer need special single-use plastic garbage bags. We can redeem the full bins at our plastic recycling point.
  • Removing the feeder is many times more efficient and labor-friendly than unplugging the plastic garbage bags.
  • The new extraction unit runs as usual while we can change the full waste feeder in the meantime. The CNC milling tables can continue to work as usual. With the old extraction unit, the CNC milling tables had to be stopped first.
  • Through a sensor, we can remotely see that the trash can is almost full and that we need to change it soon.
  • The new extraction unit uses less energy than the old extraction unit.
  • The noise level of the new extractor is much lower than the old extractor unit. This provides more working comfort in our production.
Old plastic garbage bags
Old garbage bags

Dutch machines and suppliers

The Riedex extraction unit was delivered by Talen Machines of Staphorst. They can assemble, expand and install the extraction units themselves in a modular way. These Riedex extraction units are made in the Frisian village of Ried. We strive as much as possible to purchase Dutch-made machines in addition to our materials. In terms of quality, Dutch machines are of a very high level and if there are any breakdowns, we also know for sure that we can resume our production process as quickly as possible.

Exhaust unit waste feeder change