WELL-NEST Piglet cabin and Piglet cover

For improving a dual climate in your farrowing department, the Verba Comfort piglet cover is the sophisticated solution for a micro climate. With the Verba Comfort piglet cover, you can create a warm shelter for your newborn piglets, while keeping the pen at the desired temperature for your sow.

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  • Wall or corner model available
  • Corner model single or double possible
  • Almost any size available
  • Made of transparent UV resistant sheet with stainless steel frame or HDPE black plastic sheet
  • Includes hinges/hanging brackets
  • Lamp hole Ø 230 with or without optional cover
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Wall model is removable
  • Highly durable piglet covers
  • Benefits Well-Nest:
  • Available in almost any size
  • Underfloor heating by hoses with hot water
  • Removable front side
  • Lid and front made of 6mm thick polycarbonate
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Warranty: 1 year on material and construction faults.

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Maintaining an optimal temperature in piglet nests during the farrowing period is crucial. This minimizes hypothermia of the piglets and the risk of piglet loss. This phenomenon often contributes to the mortality of newborn piglets in the first days of life. VERBA piglet covers are specially designed to address this problem and ensure an excellent microclimate.

These functional VERBA piglet covers are easy to install and adapt to the specific needs of different farrowing houses. They not single provide protection from cold temperatures, but also help to stimulate the growth and vitality of piglets in the crucial first stage of life.

With VERBA piglet nests, pig farmers can confidently optimize the farrowing environment and maximize the health and survival of their newborn piglets.

Comfort piglet cover

The Verba Comfort piglet cover offers a smart solution for optimizing the microclimate in your farrowing unit. With this durable piglet cover, you can create a warm piglet nest for your newborn piglets. In addition, you keep the pen temperature for your sows at the desired level. This not single results in lower energy costs, but also improves the sow's feed intake.

The Verba Comfort piglet cover is available in a variety of designs and can be adapted to virtually any size and configuration. You have a choice between UV-resistant transparent plastic or black HDPE plastic. The piglet covers are equipped with a front edge 100 mm high. This allows the warm air to circulate effectively in the piglet nest and is not lost.

This versatile piglet cover can hang freely above the heating plate, over the partition wall of two pens, in the corner or along the longitudinal arrangement. Optionally, the Verba Comfort piglet cover can be equipped with a 230 mm opening for a heating lamp, including a cover plate for this opening.

A very nice practical example of our dealer Coppens Westerhoven at Niels van Engelen where we were allowed to work: Link Project Van Engelen/Coppens Westerhoven

Fold-down piglet cover for locking piglet nest

In our range of piglet covers, we also offer a transparent piglet cover variant that is extremely easy to flip over. This allows you to temporarily close off your piglets for inspection or other checks. Thanks to the transparent sheet, the sow retains a view of her piglets at all times, which reassures her. The piglets themselves also remain calmer because they can see their mother and do not feel like they are closed off.

This lockable piglet cover features a simple hinge that clips over the partition wall, making it function as a standard piglet cover. When you want to secure the piglets, simply lift the hinged lever and move the piglet cover forward. This makes it serve as a transparent partition wall. It takes virtually no force to move the piglet cover. Moreover, the closure is designed so that the strong stainless steel closure automatically moves over the partition wall when you fold back the piglet cover, saving additional labor.

The piglet undercreep is made of 2-sided UV-resistant transparent sheet. On both sides, the piglet cover has a stainless steel protection strip with the unique and very strong VERBA bead edge. As standard, the piglet cover has a depth of 500 mm and is suitable for a back wall 500 mm high and 35 mm thick. If your back wall has other specifications, we can make it to measure. The width of the piglet underhood can also be produced to your specifications, which is ideal for renovations. The side walls can be provided by yourself or can be supplied by us, where we use 18 mm thick HDPE sheets with stainless steel angle lines for both the back wall and floor.

WELL-NEST Piglet Cabin

VERBA acted as producer during Wageningen University's Pro-Dromi project, a collaboration with a network of 14 sow farmers. One of the results of this project is the WELL-NEST piglet cabin.

The piglet cabin is equipped with a plastic back wall and a piglet entrance, which can be closed with a slide provided. The fully transparent front wall is made of 6 mm thick Polycarbonate, lightweight and easy to remove. The lid stays open automatically when opened.

Why a piglet cover?

Piglets require an ambient temperature of about 35 degrees and will actively seek warmth. Timely and adequate heating of the piglet nest is crucial to prevent chilling and minimize the risk of lying dead. Research has shown that the sow's comfort temperature in the fourth week of farrowing is around 18 degrees. Each degree above that results in a reduction in feed intake of about 175 grams, which can lead to significant weight loss. During the suckling period, a sow may lose at most 10 percent of her body weight. An under creep above the piglet nest is essential to create better climate zones and can reduce the ward temperature by as much as 2 degrees. This results in significant energy savings during colder periods.

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