Stainless steel mounting angle 2mm large for mounting pig feeders


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Item number: A05-4174

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Solid stainless steel mounting angle 2mm thick model left or model right, including 1 stainless steel button M8x25, 1 stainless steel body ring M8 and 1 stainless steel lock nut coated. This mounting angle is ideal for mounting feeders for piglets and fattening pigs. The mounting angle has 2 slotted holes in the long part and one slotted hole in the short part. Because of the position and the angle of the slotted holes, these mounting angles fit in almost all angled positions. Please specify in the order what the distribution left / right should be. We assume as standard 50% left and 50% right. When mounting troughs for piglets we recommend 2 mounting angles per trough. For feeding troughs for fattening pigs we recommend 2 mounting corners for single troughs and 4 mounting corners for double troughs built into the partition wall. The mounting angles are also ideal for many other purposes.

Note: Please indicate in the order how many left or right models you want. By default we divide the order into 50% left and 50% right models. If you do not specify anything we will assume this standard.

Dimension: 150mm long (incl. folded corner), 50mm wide, 2mm thick