FA Plateau feeder

The VERBA FA feeder for piglets is equipped with a heavy stainless steel plateau where the piglets pick up the feed and possibly combine it with water at the bottom to make a mash themselves. The FA shelf feeders are suitable for small and large groups of pigs. For the FA the feed type does not matter, all feed types below can be fed without any problem.

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  • 1 to 8 eating compartments, single and double possible
  • Perfect water/food ratio
  • White inside for excellent feed intake and hygiene
  • 11 mm thick unbreakable plastic of the highest quality
  • Very strong stainless steel 304 trough
  • Stainless steel trough is loose from the ground, ideal for cleaning under it
  • Front of stainless steel trough slopes inwards so pigs can stand in front of it with their legs in a natural way
  • Ingenious spilling edge, no feed spillage and best feed conversion
  • Spilling edge is 100% closed so that no feed can crawl in and no ear tags can get stuck behind it
  • Highly durable feeder with high own weight and unprecedented longevity.
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Warranty: 7 years on construction- and material faults;
Drinking nipples 1 year guarantee on construction faults. Drinking nipples are single suitable for water, not for additives.

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The innovative VERBA FA feeder for piglets is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel platform. This allows the piglets easy access to their feed. The unique design allows the piglets to remove the feed from the platform with their snouts or ears. They can then mix it in the trough with water from the drinking nipple, resulting in an easy to consume mash.

FA feeders are designed to meet the needs of both small and large groups of pigs. Therefore, the FA feeder is exceptionally robust, making them ideal for a variety of stable environments. These pig platform feeders are widely used in organic barns and barns with outdoor runs.

In terms of feed types, the FA feeder is versatile and can effortlessly handle different feed types. Thanks to the easily accessible VERBA drinking nipples, which have a water output of 0.4 liters per minute, an optimal feed/water ratio is guaranteed. This results in efficient feed conversion rate (FCR) and significant cost savings.

For optimum performance, it is recommended that the FA feeders be fixedly mounted in the corner for small groups of pigs. For larger groups of pigs, the feeders can be switched. This requires single one down pipe for water, which simplifies installation and increases efficiency.

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