SW series KR fattening pigs curly tails dry feeder

The VERBA dry feeder for fattening pigs with stainless steel trough is suitable for all kinds of dry feed, possibly mixed with 35% CCM. The feeder is specially designed for pigs from 20 to 120 kg. The large hopper capacity and the variety of types makes the dry feeder extremely suitable for feeding small to very large groups of fattening pigs.

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  • 1 to 4 eating compartments, single and double possible
  • White inside for excellent feed intake and hygiene
  • 11 mm thick unbreakable plastic of the highest quality
  • Very strong stainless steel 304 trough
  • Stainless steel trough is loose from the ground, ideal for cleaning under it
  • Front of stainless steel trough slopes inwards so pigs can stand in front of it with their legs in a natural way
  • Eating compartment has a bottom and top bracket
  • Heavily pressed aluminum protection profiles without sharp screw heads at front
  • Ingenious spill edge, almost no feed spillage and best feed conversion
  • Spilling edge is 100% closed so that no feed can crawl in and no ear tags can get stuck behind it
  • Mounted with very strong stainless steel blind rivets, by far the best connection for plastic with stainless steel. Cannot be loosened like a bolt and nut
  • Slide adjustment for very easy and accurate adjustment. Slide adjustment is much less labor-intensive to set up
  • Highly durable feeder with high own weight and unprecedented longevity. Developed by VERBA since 1971
  • Feeder also usable as feeder for goats and as feeder for sheep
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Warranty: 7 years on material and construction faults.

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Discover the VERBA SW curly tail dry feeder for fattening pigs with a stainless steel trough. The SW feeder is ideal for all types of dry feed, including a mix with 35% CCM. Moreover, this feeder has extra-wide eating compartments of 35 centimeters and is specifically designed to meet future European welfare requirements. Think for example of the ban on tail docking. In addition, the SW feeder is suitable for pigs from 20 to 120 kg. Due to the large bunker capacity and various types, this dry feeder is perfect for small to very large groups of finishing pigs.

The robustness of the VERBA dry feeder is ensured by the use of stainless steel 304 and unbreakable PE plastic. In addition, the sophisticated stainless steel anti-spill edge ensures excellent hygiene and prevents feed spillage. Naturally, this results in considerable cost savings. The separated feeders are safe thanks to the stainless steel round bar frame and they prevent pigs from getting stuck behind them with their ear tags.

With an all-white interior for optimal feed intake and visible stable hygiene, the VERBA dry feeder offers a proprietary, indestructible star knob adjustment. As a result, adjustment is simple and precise. This saves labor time and ensures feed continuity.

These advanced details, developed over 50 years, offer excellent value for money and make VERBA dry feeders the best choice for your stable. Optional features include stainless steel reinforcement profiles, a lid and mounting angles.

Contact us today to find out how the VERBA SW curly-tail dry feeder can optimize your pig farm.


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